108 Keys Coral Sea Keycap Set

108 Keys Coral Sea Keycap Set


◆ Cross universal hole, easy to install

◆ Translucent fonts. Translucent keycap technology, durable and not easy to fade

◆ Thicken PBT keycaps. Due to the stable molecular structure of the material, the PBT keycap is corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant, it is not easy to fade, and can maintain the initial state of the keycap for a long time

◆ Ladder keys layout. adopt high and low key layout to adapt to human hand typing movement arc, comfortable hand feeling

◆ Suitable for mechanical keyboard type:

Mechanic 87 / 104 mechanical storm Milo abdomen spirit o IKBC skua GANSS magic duck fairly RK kay cool KBT cool cold XT / aurora FICO black Joe AK47 / 104 IKBC POKER / F / G series 96 pro cherry NOPPOO name PLUM