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Esports Tiger LongTeng Gaming Mouse Pad

Esports Tiger LongTeng Gaming Mouse Pad

  • HuoYun Special Edition, Stitched Edges, Large (480 x 400 x 4mm)

  • RUBBER BASE: Non-slip rubber base prevents unwanted movement and ensures stability during intense gaming sessions.
  • STITCHED EDGES: Reinforced with premium stitched edges to increase durability and prevent fraying on the edges.
  • 4MM THICKNESS: Designed with a plush 4mm thickness for maximized cushioning and comfort. Additionally, the extra thickness can cover any slight unevenness or bumps on your desk or surface. er base offers wrist support
  • MICRO-WOVEN: Suitable for both optical and laser mouse sensors, this high performance micro-woven large mouse pad provides improved accuracy and smooth tracking across the entire surface.

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