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Low Profile Dye-Sub PBT LSA - Hacker

Low Profile Dye-Sub PBT LSA - Hacker


Engineered with durable PBT material, these keycap sets feature dye-sublimated technology that ensures the legends are beautifully printed on the keycaps, while the legends will not shine or wear out for decades. And it's fully compatible with MX mechanical switches.


  • Material: PBT
  • Stem: MX style
  • Legend: Dye-sublimated, backlight does not shine through
  • Profile: LSA (Low Profile Spherical Angled)
  • Compatible Keychron keyboards: K1 Pro, K3 Pro, K5 Pro, K7 Pro, K9 Pro, K13 Pro, S1
  • Compatible layouts: ANSI layout

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