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Royal Kludge RK R75 Purple

Royal Kludge RK R75 Purple


Product Feature:

  • Designed with extremely beautiful, elegant pastel colors.
  • Layout 83% (with keymap)
  • Connection: USB Type-C, Wireless & Bluetooth
  • RGB LED 16.8 million colors and flash to the music.
  • Keycap PBT Double Shot, Standard Cherry Profile.
  • Hot-swappable 5pin, reverse circuit PCB.
  • Gasket Mount structure with Flex cut PCB.
  • Stabilizer is lubed and calibrated from the factory.
  • Integrated Silicone bottom, Foam PCB, Switch PAD PE.
  • Flexible Win/Mac support.
  • Separate custom software for macro or LED adjustment.
  • Added volume adjustment knob feature.

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